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Easily find a flight, a hotel, a car rental

Quickly find your plane ticket at the best price thanks to the search engine of our partner Aéroports Voyages. Select your departure airport and automatically discover the list of destinations served by direct flights. Once you have chosen your airport of departure and arrival, the calendar tells you precisely, in green, every day of operation of the direct flights. Other days are available with connecting flights.


  What flights are available from Auxerre?

Auxerre Airport is specialized in business aviation and private flights. At this time we have no commercial flights to offer. However, we receive regular requests for information on this subject, which is why we propose this new open search engine that allows you to organize your trip, whatever your journey. Service is part of Edeis airports DNA of after all ! Auxerre Airport works in partnership with travel agencies. Don’t hesitate to go there and to book an all-inclusive stay fort your next holidays.



 A booking service efficiant, competitive and safe

Aéroports Voyages has partnered with the services of the largest European booking platforms. Each tab such as flights, flights + hotel, hotels or car rental is powered by a specialist of the chosen service. In that context you benefit from all the guarantees offered by these professionals. You automatically get your quote online, furthermore a large number of services can be booked and cancelled free of charge. Just try it!


More information about Aéroports Voyages

Aéroports-Voyages, is a renowned Airport partner. It helps you find best travel deals out of your region. Book and receive the latest important information for your trip by e-mail.

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