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The Golden Gates of Burgundy are open...


This is Yonne's nickname, a region famous for radiant wines, the pride and joy of local inhabitants.

In the Yonne department, there are five wine areas:

1. The Auxerrois wine area in the Yonne valley south of Auxerre. It covers ten or so communes. The main towns are Irancy, Coulanges-la-Vineuse, Saint-Bris-le-Vineux and Chitry.

2. The Joigny wine area on the hills of Joigny, Champvallon and Volgré, along the River Yonne. The "Côte Saint-Jacques" vineyards overlook the town of Joigny. Its name can be found added to the regional Burgundy (Bourgogne) A.O.C.: "Bourgogne Côte Saint-Jacques".

3. The Tonnerre and Épineuil wine area is on the hills in the Armançon valley.

4. The Vézelay wine area is on the slopes around the village of Vézelay looking down on the Cure valley.

5. The Chablis wine area is in the Serein valley.

You can't talk about Burgundy without mentioning gastronomy! 

Treats for the eyes and the taste buds and the enjoyment of sharing a delicious meal.
Our specialities include oeufs en meurette, snails, jambon chablisienne, beef bourguignon, gougères, cherries, foie gras and Burgundy truffles.